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Dr. Bedi is a young dental surgeon based out of Rohini, Delhi. Dr. Bedi holds up more than four years of experience in dental industry. He has completed his Bachelor's in Dental Surgery from C.C.S University, Meerut. At such an early age, Dr. Bedi is running his own dental clinic by the name of Dr. Bedi's Dent O Care in Rohini, Delhi along with practicing in few other dental setups. Dr. Bedi is a highly effective dentist who caters to all age groups. His precision in hand work and warmth make him the most preferred dentist in his area. He keeps himself updated to the latest trends in dentistry by attending international and national conferences throughout the year. He is a member of Indian Dental Association. He believes in providing best quality services at affordable cost.

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Periodontal Dental Surgery

Periodontal is a plastic dental surgery which is used to regenerate and restore normal form and function to the lost and damaged periodontal structures that support the teeth. It should be understood that periodontal surgery is not a cure but rather an adjunct to make long-term treatment favorable. There is a possibility for the reoccurrence of periodontal disease in susceptible individuals. The main aim of periodontal surgery is to increase the life expectancy of the teeth.

The Root Canal Treatment is done to repair and save a badly damaged tooth. It is a procedure which involves the cleaning of canals inside the tooth root. Some decades ago the root canal treatment was painful. With advancement in dental treatment and local anesthetics most people have less pain with a rotten tooth. In fact it is more painful to live with a decayed tooth. The procedure involves removing the diseased tissue from the tooth. It is then resealed and filled to get rid of the infection.

The effective dental implants are treatment if one has exhausted natural set of teeth. It is primarily because of the fact that dental implants can get natural stability and can also check the menace of bone loss. Moreover, such dental implants align with the healthy bone and render a strong foundation to the dental crowns and dentures. In other words, dental implants are simply the alternate of the natural tooth which is created distinctly to back restorations so that it would just seem like any other natural teeth in your mouth.

The oral needs of your child are different therefore pass on some good habits and know about children dentistry. It is to take care of your kid’s teeth so that they can develop healthy gums and teeth. For this, go for regular dentist checkups, maintain good oral hygiene and encourage your child to eat good food.

The teeth of children begin to develop under their gums before their birth. They start to push through the gums before 6-12 months of age. The primary teeth are total 20 number and most children get their milk teeth by the age of three. Milk teeth are important for speech, smile, eating and developing the self-confidence of a child. The kids with healthy milk teeth are more likely to develop healthy permanent teeth once they grow up.

The versatility of laser beams has been best utilized in the field of dentistry for a long time and it is used to treating numerous dental complications at length. Such lasers are meant to provide relief from inflammation, pain, cold and hot sensations in teeth and so forth. The following are the conditions which Lasers are being used for: Tooth decay: In such cases, lasers are used to remove decay and to provide a supporting base to the enamel for new fillings. The lasers are thus utilized to congeal the filling. Gum disease: The use of lasers in such cases is outstanding and it is done to reshape the gum set and eliminate the bacteria during efficient root

By going for the process of teeth whitening, original colour of teeth is compensated for intense whitening and the process of bleaching whitens the teeth far above the original shade. Scores of methods are utilized for such brightening purposes such as applying specific toothpastes, frequent brushing, special gels, bleaching strips and in the latest technology, bleaching through laser beams. However, in some of such processes, Carbamide Peroxide is used which has excellent water reaction properties and it eventually transforms into Hydrogen peroxide.

Orthodontics is a specific field of dentistry whereby the efforts are targeted at revamping the teeth and jaws which are otherwise juxtaposed in an improper and horrible way. Moreover, it is observed that the teeth that are curved and crooked and are not proper at any measure, are difficult to keep clean and to retain their health. Consequently the likelihood of tooth decay and periodontal disease is higher than the normal cases of teeth and such factors put additional emphasis upon the chewing muscles and tissues that further pave way for further problems such as severe headache, TMJ Syndrome and immense pain in neck, shoulder and at the back.

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